Our Brute Force Mission

Brute Force Fitness is focused on providing training and nutrition that fits your lifestyle - and not the other way around. We’ve created a foundation based around the fact that everyone is different: different bodies, goals, commitments, nutritional requirements, abilities, equipment available and vision of what “fitness” really means.

We pride ourselves on providing training and nutrition that is entirely based you as an individual. There are no cookie cutter plans - every aspect of the individual is assessed and a training and nutrition plan is developed that allows for the highest level of adherence possible, working with your lifestyle.

With everything customized based on your personal needs, abilities and equipment available combined with a network of support and accountability - you have everything you need to be successful in reaching your fitness goals.

For more information on who we are (Bobbi, Tim) and what we do, click here or check out our blog where we are regularly publishing new articles to help you further.

Helping You Reach

New Heights

Train like an athlete. Eat like an athlete. Sleep like an athlete.

LOOK like an athlete.

The same training and nutritional principles that enable athletes to attain peak performance will be the same principles used to help you reach your fitness goals. Why not use the most efficient methods of building strength, muscle, improving performance and burning fat we have available to us today? Our team is constantly looking to the latest in scientific research to optimize our training and nutrition plans.

Brute Force Fitness utilizes scientific principles based on a combination of training modalities. We train like powerlifters to gain strength, lift like bodybuilders to add muscle while using strongman and crossfit strategies to shred fat, improve conditioning and performance.

With these principles in mind, we create a completely personalized plan structured in a way that’s easy to understand so you can actually stick with your training and nutrition. Adherence is key in reaching your fitness goals, we provide the support and accountability needed to see lasting results - it’s one of the reasons why our clients are so successful!


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